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2019 Girls AAU Basketball Program

Our Team Mission Statement


Hit Hop Warriors Mission is to Empowering Young Girls to Take It to the Next Level By Building Self-Compassion By Having Compassion for Oneself While Recognizing and Acknowledging When Another Person Is Going Through A Difficult Situation*


We Are About

  At Hit Hop Warriors Girls' Basketball Program is to educate and empower today’s young girls with self-compassion, confidence, commitment and integrity, so they may live a productive and successful life on and off the court. Our goal is to reach and teach young girls’ athletics, respect for themselves, their peers and their community by instilling a spiritual code of ethics built on honesty, trust responsibility and team work.  Our intentions are to have a culturally diverse roster to not just include kids from South Florida Counties but all counties in the Great State of Florida. All Our players will be given the opportunity to travel and participate in various tournaments, skill camps and practices designed to improve their skill set and game. Furthermore, our program is obligated to improving each girl academic skills, performance and volunteer their time in various community service programs to inspire other youths, and to participate in all HIT HOP WARRIORS fundraising events.

Off Season

Our players aren't just members of a team, they are members of our community. In the off-season, we work with local charities to bring sports and hope to underserved children in our home town. At each game, you get a chance to contribute to these efforts. We believe that sportsmanship doesn't stop at the edge of the court.


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Sponsor Request

Letter To Our Sponsors

Greetings Potential Sponsor/ Donor,

The HIT HOP WARRIORS is an AAU registered girls basketball program, and academic organization based out of Palm Beach County, FL that will provide year-round basketball instruction and experience for children between the ages of 12-18. We are committed to the development and empowerment of young girls that will be future leaders/athletes by using basketball as a tool to improve health, wellness, fitness, educational assistance, development of life skills and values, and to become productive young ladies throughout our communities. Moreover, our mission remains to empower all the young girls in our program.

As in all non-profit youth sports programs, fund raising has become necessary to offset the cost of having a quality program. We are contacting you to ask if you are willing to make a monetary donation that will directly contribute to and offset the cost of the program of over 40 young girls.    

In order to continue to make a life changing, rewarding experience for our young girls a reality, we are humbly asking your esteem business and others directly to take advantage of the opportunity to be a team sponsor! In return for your assistance and support, you will be recognized on our web-page as 100 percent of the proceeds from your donation will go directly to Hit Hop Warriors Girls Program to provide equipment, uniforms, league fees, tournament fees, traveling cost, lodging and meals. in addition, to player liability insurance, facility usage and overall operations. On behalf of the players, coaches and families of Hit Hop Warriors, 

We sincerely appreciate your contribution and generous support.

Please contact us if you have further questions regarding our organization.

P.S. For tax-reporting purposes, all donations must be made payable to HIT HOP WARRIORS, INC.

Also, Donors may rely upon central organization verification with respect to deductibility of contributions to subordinates covered in a section 501(c)(3) group exemption ruling.


Donnetta Studdard Alansari, Founder and Director

Please Select One:


The Hit Hop Warriors Corporate Sponsors are businesses, organizations, or individuals that sponsor the Hit Hop Warriors, a specific team, or an event with a minimum sponsor contribution of $2,500 or more. In return for their support, Corporate Sponsors will receive the following:

· Your business will be shown as “Title” or “Major” event sponsor at all club

events, including tournaments, parties, demonstrations, media campaigns

and functions.

· Your business logo will be put on our team uniform.

· A prominent, full-color display banner on the website.

· All professional design and production fees are included. A limited number of “Corporate” plans are available.

· A Hit Hop Warriors Basketball polo shirt and T-Shirt.

In return for their support, Team/Club Sponsors will receive the following:

_____ $1,000 PLATINUM SPONSOR:

· One-year advertising on a “Hit Hop Warriors Banner” (displayed

at all major events)

· Advertising on the website with a link to your website

· A Proud Sponsor Plaque for you to display.

· A Hit Hop Warriors basketball polo shirt.

_____ $750 GOLD SPONSOR:

· One-year advertising on a “Hit Hop Warriors Banner” (displayed at all major events)

· Advertising on the website with a link to your website

· A Proud Sponsor Plaque for you to display  Hop Warriors Basketball polo shirt

_____ $500 SILVER SPONSOR:

• Advertising on the website with a link to your website

• Your choice of a Hit Hop Warriors polo shirt or A Proud Sponsor

Plaque for you to display

• A Hit Hop Warriors Basketball polo shirt.

Boosters Club Sponsorships

The Hit Hop Warriors Booster Club Sponsors are businesses, organizations, or individuals that select a $100 or more sponsor package. In return for their support, Booster Club Sponsors will receive the following.

_____ $250 BRONZE SPONSOR:

• Advertising on the website with a link to your website.

• A Hit Hop Warriors Basketball T-shirt


• A listing of your business name on the Club website in our Sponsor Area.

_____ $ Other Amount

Our Director will be in contact with sponsors to coordinate logo, business name and graphic requirements for the website and advertisement banners.

Thanks For Your Support

Your support and contributions will be a deductible contribution under section 501(c)(3).

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